Career Recruitment — 27 September 2011
Tips for Job Seekers: How to get the best out of your relationship with a recruiter

Working with a recruiter to find a new role should be painless. In fact it should make the process much smoother overall! At Firebrand, we are well aware that is not always the case, and as a business we are working very hard to make the experience a positive one for our talent.

However there are also things job seekers can do to extract the full value that a recruiter can offer. And if you work with a professional, quality, niche recruiter, that value will be considerable.

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Be prepared. Not only the obvious things like résumé, portfolio and references, but also prepare your thinking. What type of role is ideal? Who have you approached already? What are the three things you must have in your new role? What specific examples of your success can you point to? What challenges have you overcome? And prepare your questions too. Don’t leave your recruiter interview thinking, “I wish I had thought to ask that!”

Be transparent: Don’t inflate your achievements. Don’t say what you think the recruiter wants to hear. Be honest about your aspirations and your salary expectations. And make sure you share openly your real reasons you want to move jobs. The recruiter is your ally, your representative in a competitive field. And the recruiter needs accurate data to ensure you get noticed.

Be yourself. A good job match includes of course an accurate “cultural fit”. At Firebrand we know our clients very well. Many times we have placed dozens of people with them over the years. What we need to know is the “real you”. Then we can make the perfect match. So avoid pretending to be what you are not. Sure, it’s an interview, so put your best foot forward, but let the real YOU shine too.

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