Top 10 marketing activities you should be doing in 2013

A new year brings the usual personal new years’ resolutions: get healthy, lose weight, look for romance or find a new job. But what are you doing about your professional resolutions?  If you’re a marketer, here are the top 10 things you should be doing in 2013:

  1. Become better at digital marketing. Only 6% of senior executives believe their company has a high level of digital marketing proficiency and 40% feel they lagging behind. 2013 is the year to get really serious about digital or get left behind.
  2. Ensure your website is mobile ready or mobile enabled. Back in October 2012, mobile web traffic was already at 16% of all traffic. It’s predicted to grow by over 400% by 2015. For many brands, 2013 is the year you will see more people accessing your website or marketing content via mobile or tablet than via PC. So make this a priority!
  3. Bring your social media community management in-house. Nike are doing it, and others will follow their example. Continue to use agency partners to help with campaigns and marketing messages, but increasingly, social communications and interaction with customers via social networks is mission-critical function that needs to be in-sourced.
  4. Build a brand ambassador program. If you’re not sure where to start, here’s a guide on how to build a brand ambassador program in 7 steps.
  5. Introduce NFC into your marketing materials. Near field communication should become an integrated part of all marketing collateral. Here’s a brief explanation of NFC and why it’s useful for marketing.
  6. Become an eTailer, as well as a Retailer. All retailers are becoming Omni-channel, or multi-channel. Embrace the change. If you’re a product marketer, build a relationship with, eBay, Rakuten, DealsDirect, Lazada or similar sites. If you’re a bricks & mortar retailer, it’s long past due for you to dust off the website and add e-commerce payment options.
  7. Focus on winning in customer service. You might be thinking “I’m a marketer, I don’t look after customer complaints or their issues”. Wrong. With the rise of social media, and the lack of barriers customers have to brands, customer service is everyone’s responsibility. For a marketing standpoint focus on online support, FAQs, testimonials from customers, customer self-help guides on YouTube and internal culture change.
  8. Train all employees in how they should be using social media. Then let them talk to customers. This is a simple approach to solving the social media resource issue (there are never enough marketing headcount…), and mitigates the risk of employees doing or saying the wrong thing online. Dell are doing a great job of this – it might be worth following their lead.
  9. Don’t rely on “gut feel”, believe in (big) data. Many are predicting that the future of marketing is in “big data”, but it doesn’t have to be big. It just needs to be measurable and help you with segmentation, CRM or more accurate message targeting. The important thing is to use data, measure, rinse and repeat.
  10. Get serious about content marketing. Coca-Cola made the decision in 2012 to focus on their content creation efforts and there are great lessons for all marketers in what they’ve done.


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