Social media monitoring has lost its sparkle — it’s time to evolve

The future of social media monitoring

Content is King, but marketing is Queen and the Queen runs the household.

We’re all familiar with Gary Vaynerchuk’s famous line from the 2008 Blog World Expo. Up to now, social media monitoring has satisfied customer’s expectations to simply stay on top of “mentions” in social media, and to respond with limited “engagement” actions within the monitoring solution.

But the marketing and the customer support groups are now asking “how can we use this to help us improve OUR enterprise business goals“? In other words, the “shiny digital object” of social media monitoring has lost its sparkle. The reality of stand-alone social media monitoring and the shallowness of fancy visualisations has “crossed the chasm” of awareness, and found to be lacking.

Monitoring will become just one component of a wider platform

Companies like Lithium with their social response offer have built out around listening by adding better workflow, access to knowledge sources, content libraries, SLA reporting, governance and CRM integration. This is the start. The future of social media monitoring is for it to become just a component of what might be called a customer experience platform.

For marketing, it is no problem to record click data and engagement data from owned media and from paid media and to integrate this with other web and ecommerce data in order to understand how investments and assets are performing. It is harder to gather in and report what is happening generally across social media about your brand or campaigns precisely because social media monitoring solutions are not integrated with the campaign planning, content management and marketing systems.

Integrated reporting and automated rules are key

Let’s say that marketing want to monitor the sentiment response to a new campaign, to understand the audience profiles of people reacting positively and negatively, to report all that information integrated with campaign performance.

This requires an internal system of labelling campaigns in a way which can be used to generate the required reports. The labelling will no doubt be multifaceted — for example, different customer types, different themes and services, different content producers, different time periods etc. These labels should be applied automatically using an inbuilt rules engine for outbound posts.

The social media monitoring solution needs to label incoming social media mentions using the same labels wherever possible. This needs to be done automatically by an intelligent rules engine which has access to the same labels as the marketing system.

This type of integration ties together marketing and campaign planning and execution, social media monitoring, and social customer support into the same management, reporting and response system. This is the evolution of social media monitoring. Companies like Sprinklr offer this type of solution, where monitoring has become just one module of many comprising an integrated suite for Marketing.

There is no doubt that the days of stand-alone social media monitoring solutions are numbered.


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